Ashby partners with TeamOhanato make headcount easier and more collaborative than ever before.

Integration Information

This integration will help Ashby users connect TeamOhana directly to Ashby, taking a step out of the headcount planning process. Your opening, job, and offer information will be accessible in both apps, minimizing toggling and improving clarity through your entire pipeline.



TeamOhana is a powerful headcount management platform that supercharges collaboration between business stakeholders including Finance, HR, Talent and Hiring managers. They provide visibility into the hiring plan, along with workflows to simplify and streamline your headcount planning processes.

Enhanced Clarity

You’ll be able to skip searching for information and have a single source of truth for headcount plans and approvals

Improved Collaboration

Headcount planning has many stakeholders, and this integration will help you achieve consensus faster than ever

Better Tools

TeamOhana and Ashby work together to double your team’s productivity and efficiency around headcount planning and hiring – no more copy-pasting or manual work in spreadsheets

Community Benefit

Special offer for Ashby customers: 10% discount with a 30 day free trial!

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QuoraVanMoofDockerWeTransferIroncladDeelRampVeevFullStoryJuniAstronomerTalentfulModern Treasury